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Accelerate Global delivers superior insights to companies and consultancies through the deployment of our Business-DNA Platform. Our solution combines decades of experience with powerful, AI-driven insights to deliver outstanding results for clients over the long term.

We provide business leaders with clear, actionable insights to guide better strategic decisions and boost revenue

Get A Rapid Analysis Of Your Business And Find The Right Way Forward.

When faced with new disruptions in the market, or a tough economic climate, it’s difficult not to find yourself reactive to changes in the competitive landscape. Over the longer term, firms who pursue this approach will find revenues and growth stagnating.


Instead, Agile business leaders need to rapidly analyse all aspects of their organisation and execute quick, pinpoint strategic decisions to remain proactive and ahead of the competition.


Our Accelerate >> Company Psychometrics software and approach allows our clients to rapidly ‘cut through the noise’ and analyse all aspects of their business, to identify the clear strengths and weaknesses in their strategic direction.


Combining the experience of our consultants with artificial intelligence we work with you to provide a rapid, clear strategic direction to allow you to stay ahead of the competition and, ultimately, drive greater revenues and profits.

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If you would like to speak to one of our experienced consultants regarding how Accelerate Global can help you, please provide us with the below details and a member of our sales team will be in touch within one working day.

All Clients Who Engage With Us For A Psychometric Assessment Receive


Rapid, MAnaged Assesment

​Requiring no more than 15 minutes per team member, we take data from all chosen members of staff to paint a complete picture of your business.


AI-driven psychometric insight

See your organisation differently by combining new inputs from your team with traditional quantitative metrics. We show you what the financials don't: where your attention is really needed to drive long term competitive advantage and higher revenues.


In person strategic review

Once gathered and analysed, we undertake a psychometrics review session with key decision makers in your company and our senior consultants - all of whom have at least 30 years experience across various industry sectors.


Competitive benchmarking

We contextualise your results for you, allowing you to compare your company to other firms and wider conditions in the industry.


Actionable, clear delvierables

At the end of the process we provide you with clear, actionable next steps to convert the insights you’ve gleaned into tangible actions to drive revenue.

Contact us today to arrange an introductory discussion on how Company Psychometrics can transform your strategic approach.