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Accelerate Global delivers superior insights to companies and consultancies through the deployment of our Business-DNA Platform. Our solution combines decades of experience with powerful, AI-driven insights to deliver outstanding results for clients over the long term.


Make Better Business Decisions Using Our Business-DNA Platform

Who We Are

Accelerate-Global is a UAE-based Software & Strategic Consulting Company.


Our AI-based Business-DNA Platform helps companies rapidly analyse and identify their key business issues, allowing them to make precise, timely changes to their organsiation, and stay competitive.

Why Use Business-DNA by Accelerate?

Change in business demands that companies must adapt and evolve in order to stay ahead, or even survive.


So, the big question is:

“How do we stay ahead, focus on the areas of business that are of high priority, but with minimum disruption to our company?”

At Accelerate-Global, we use our AI-based Business-DNA platform to deliver a rapid approach that gives companies greater insight to make better-informed decisions with confidence and clarity.

Our Rapid Approach



You tell us your company's key goals and challenges, we determine the best Business-DNA module for you.


Data is intelligently gathered and analysed from key staff across the business by our AI-based Business-DNA Application.


We combine data into meaningful insights, giving your organisation a clear view of your TRUE strengths and weaknesses.


Our interactive workshops help you to convert your new insights into clear actions.

Used regularly, our Business-DNA platform can be used by companies and consultants alike, to make the right decisions with accuracy and confidence at a speed unmatched by traditional, manual methods.

Testimonials for Business-DNA

Previously Company Psychometrics

We have found working with Accelerate-Global on the [Business-DNA Platform, formerly Company Psychometrics] an incredibly positive experience.


The level of support we've had has been brilliant; particularly I think, the workshops - as a follow up to the results of the [Business-DNA Platform] - without which I don't think we would have been able to get to the same level of analysis and therefore actions going forward as we would have done without their support.


It's been a really positive relationship, and we've been delighted not only with that aspect of it, but the results.

Amanda Line, Partner - PwC's Academy, Middle East


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